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About Us

Let us explain why we are the right choice for you and your business.

Why Cyclone? Simple…We Get Results!

If you’ve been an automobile, power sports, marine or RV dealer for more than 30 days, you have probably seen and heard our competitor’s sales pitches. You have also probably concluded that all financial services providers are the same, or at least their sales presentations certainly sound the same.

Anyone can say they’re better – it takes a special company to back it up. We urge you to contact any member of our dealer family to inquire why they do business with Cyclone.

Cyclone Agency is unique among financial services providers which operate on a national basis. Unlike other companies, Cyclone has chosen to limit its marketing effort and services to selected dealers in selected areas. We have firmly built our reputation on service excellence, solid insurance backing and long-term dealer relationships. And while many things have changed over the years, the most important things have stayed the same: our devotion to helping dealers improve their bottom line profits and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing world-class education and training; providing top of the line products and services, and; giving on-going support to our dealer partners.

Cyclone is expanding into new territories, but our original philosophy remains firmly in place: to select quality dealers in selected geographical areas and provide the highest possible level of service to those dealers.

If this approach appeals to you, Cyclone would like the opportunity to earn and grow your business.

Excellent explanations and demonstrations of objection handling, positively introducing financing into sales conversations, and closing our sales. I'm confident the lessons learned will help myself, and my colleagues, work smarter moving forward.
- Casey Lister, MCCJ Auto Group